Chapter 11. Is America’s Fate Sealed?

With Putin’s entry into the Levant, the fate of the United States is sealed – the Zionists WILL push the United States into war with Russia.  Amerika, the police state-run by the Jews, will probably be destroyed. The Jews have used her up, having milked her dry they will not tolerate the whore who no longer does her bidding.  America did not do what the Israeli’s ordered, she did not attack and destroy Iran.

Obama has committed triple mortal sins in the face of the godly chosen ones, first he did not strike Iran, then he negotiated an Iran nuclear agreement that Bibi mightily opposed, now he has really done it, like a goof he let Russia take over Syria.  Russia is in Syria to stay and the great Jew dream of an Israel superstate is now dead as a doornail.

The vassal whore state Amerika will now be executed for her crimes against Israel.  Surviving Americans will be left to fend for themselves in nuclear wasteland. Be aware that America is on the brink of destruction because of the insanity coming out of Washington D.C. and prepare for the worst possible scenario, a provoked nuclear attack.

AmericaEndDestructionRussiaJewsWW3memeThe American and Israeli Zionists are actively seeking a nuclear war with Russia – they are doing everything they can to get Russia to attack US assets in the Middle East and provoke a larger war.  The Israelis want World War 3, they want the United States destroyed, they want Russia destroyed, they want to terminate both states leaving Israel victorious.

AmericaDeathWW3russiaMemeThe nation is finished, deeply in debt, there is no way out, the debts can not be paid.  The financial world is foolish funding this runaway spending spree that is used by the war department to raze much of the Islamic world.  With no plan of salvation, the confused whore Amerikan nation knows not what to do, but is resisting suicide and not attacking Iran as Netanyahu demands.  The whore refuses to commit suicide for her Jewish masters, but the pimp Netanyahu will not take no for an answer.

Unable to change, America lumbers forward but now has made a fatal mistake, Obama has allowed Putin to take Syria which terminates the Greater Israel project.   To survive, the aggressor and parasite Israel must expand outward – but now it can not.  Israel is doomed and now the Jews will turn on the whore.  Netanyahu has a secret plan to terminate the whore who refuses to comply.

NetanyahuZionistIsraelMemeIsrael will respond only one way for this failure – severe punishment. Israel will now manuever the USA into war with Russia, disposing of the American ally that no longer does her bidding.  Israel attacks America over and over (USS Liberty, WTC in 1993 and 2001) and Americans do nothing except lapping the feet of their Jewish masters.  The whore is being slapped around and unable to resist her aggressive dominator.

The purpose of the Jewish owned Federal Reserve was to strip the American industrial nation of her wealth.  They did this over the past one hundred years, leaving America deeply in debt without manufacturing jobs.  America now is a zombie shell of a nation awaiting execution – there is no plan for our recovery, just our deletion.  America is on death row, completely demoralized and unable to rise to her defense, America will be rubbed out.  That was the plan all along, now we have arrived at our collective fate, America has reached her karmic completion point.

Israel is completely ruthless – it will destroy any and all nations that stand in her way of global hegemony.  Look at what Israel did to Syria in the last five years – turning every city into rubble, killing 250,000, wounding one million, displacing 10 million.  Millions upon millions of Syrians are running for their lives.  Whore Obama did what he was told, helping Netanyahu destroy another state – this is a huge crime yet Obama still is in office.NetanyahuIsraelEvilMemeLike Obama, Tony Blair escaped punishment and war tribunals for his collusion with Bush, Blair now says he’s sorry for trashing the entire nation of Iraq.  These leaders need to be put away, the world is insane to allow them to continue influencing foreign policy.  The leadership of the West is clearly batshit insane and these whores will help the Jews destroy their host nations.

Likewise, the United States can be turned into smoking rubble in a blink of an eye.  Unlike World War 2, nuclear weapons are plentiful, sophisticated with advanced guidance systems – and they can not be stopped.  Stupid Brits and Americans are now openly provoking the Russian Bear, which suffers no illusions having been repeatedly attacked by the Western nations in the past.

PresidentElections2016JewIsraelMemeAs we head into the 2016 Presidential election, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is already talking war with Russia.  She wants to establish a no fly zone over Syria.  This is, of course, completely insane, because the Russians already owns the Syrian skies with their sea and land based S-300 missile system.

There is no-fly zone for Jews and their British and American whore allies.  Only a lunatic would suggest taking on Russia and that is exactly what most of the Presidential candidates are saying forcefully on the Jewish controlled media.  As the world watches the spectacle of American elections, the shilling for Israel has reached epic proportions, spurring Ann Coulter to feverishly react to the joke called candidates.

These insane comments from those seeking the highest office proves not only the whore vassal state of America, but that the political players are complete idiots and seriously dangerous.

Hillary Clinton’s hawkish position on Russia troubles both sides of aisle

Russia is monitoring us and eventually the Russia strategists will conclude that America is going down a path of no return, and that it must act first.  The Zionist controlled nation America has no way out beside nuclear termination – her fate is sealed.  We must come to our senses and realize the Jew enemy within.  Military powerful America was not match for the Trojan Horse inside the gates – organized Jewry.

Amerika has lost it’s mind, the nation drifts toward pure insanity, like a ship without a rudder that is going down the captain of the ship can’t steer Amerika clear of the upcoming disaster.  The nation is gone, it is looking for and executioner.  Are we going to just let ourselves get nuked because of the nutcases provoking Russia – how about a military counter coup – arrest the dual citizens.IsraelRussiaJewsMemeIsrael could switch sides and become allied with Russia – and dispose of Amerika while allied with the Russians.  Crafty Jews have a long history of success, they will find a way, believe me they will find a way so you better prepare for the worse case scenario.  Looking at the Zionist track record, I think Americans should take the Israeli threat seriously.

Fool American Christians will be worshipping Israel right up to the bitter end. The huge CUFI organization is fanning the flames of nuclear war, it is a Jewish psyop on the American mind, Americans are afraid to take on Israel!  How pathetic!  Are we going to allow Israel to destroy everything we’ve built just so a bunch of religious fruitcakes try to force the Jew Zeus to return?

IsraelEnemyRothschildMemeNever in the history of mankind has there ever been such a pathetic nation as America to allow a little insignificant state do her in.  If the leadership of America was sane they would immediately take out Tel Aviv, get a first strike in and destroy Israel while they still can.  We must strike Israel first, and don’t forget to take out Rothschild – the source of it all.


Chapter 12. Caesar Returns to the Levant During the Mid-Apocalypse


imageedit_710_7830062210Jews will wail again, the new Caesar is coming, because to fight terror you have to go to the source of terror – the criminal state of Jewish only Israel.  Israel is the apex of world-wide terror, it is where the terror war was first conceived, it was where 911 was planned, it is where Jews were trying to establish a New World Order of despotic Talmudic rule.

israelTerroristStateHistoryTerrorWarMemeThe Jewish World Order is now on the chopping block, Putin has made his move into the Levant.  The dream of Greater Israel is in the process of being crushed by the new decider:  Imperātor Caesar Vladimirus Putin Augustus who was crowned on 28 Sep 2015 when at the United Nations General Assembly announced to the world that Russia would no longer tolerate the situation in Syria.

PutinStopsSGreaterIsraelMemeThere can be no understating was just happened:  a miracle of miracles.  A good man just put his foot down, and this man is Vladimir Putin, who commands the world’s most formidable military force.  Tears well up in my eyes when I think of his love, his courage, his statesmanship, his character.  Finally something good happened in a world gone to Jew hell.

PutinSaviorStopsJewryMemeThere is not one doubt in my mind that Putin is the new Caesar, who not only just stopped the Greater Israel project dead in its tracks, but will eventually will descend upon Israel – the source of the world-wide terror grid.  If you are serious about terror then eventually you will be forced to turn your guns on Tel Aviv.

It’s not just the Rothschild banks, the real problem lies in the Jewish holy books.  The world doesn’t understand that the Jewish problem is a Jewish holy book problem.  Moscow probably doesn’t care about Jewish literature, they care about their own national security which is being threatened by the collapse of Syria.  They have decided to fight now instead of waiting for the long planned encirclement.

JFKassassinationMossadMeme3.jpg_copyFor those people in the United States, we suffer the same conspiracy, the terror network that is doing Sandy Hooks and other false flags is Jewish.  The last real president JFK gun downed by this criminal network.  The assassination of JFK and 911 marks the exact moments in time when we collectively felt the terrible foreboding of the Jewish network who had the power to kill a president and cover it up.


Look at what has happened to the United States in the past 52 years after JFK was assassinated in broad daylight.  The once proud nation is now nothing but a pathetic whore of the Jewish banks, without any resemblance of her former moral authority of peace, economic prosperity and rule of law.  America is now police state Amerika, a crime scene of Jewish decadence and greed.

What America has now become is a whore vassal state of Israel, an insane nation being driven over the cliff by misguided war policies of Israeli first Neoconservatives.  Most of the Neocohens are Jews, they are Israeli firsters, they are Jewish dual citizen Israelis.  These traitors care nothing about the United States and they work for another nation, a Jewish only nation called Israhell.

JewishAmericanForeignPolicyIsraelMemeBut the Jewish Cons are not in on this murder spree alone, they are in on it with the Evangelical Christian traitors for Israel.  This collapse of our Republic comes as a secret delight to the Christian Zealots who are all to willing to help Jewry take over the world and make prophecy come true.  They believe that they can influence the foreign policy of the United States to help Jesus return by creating an Apocalypse in the Middle East.

Christians are delusional Jewish converted Zealots, Christ never existed, he is a 100% literary invention of the Roman state, he is never coming back because he never existed.  Humans can not force god to return, god is myth, myth can not return and save us from our own self created hell.  The second coming is a mass delusion, the Rapture is wishful thinking, fundamentalist Christians are loons.

PutinEndingJWOmemePutin has ended the end time script of these death cultists – he stands out alone amongst a world run by crazy psychopaths who are worse than Satanists, who are tearing up this world in a Talmudic frenzy. Putin is the new statesman the will live in infamy, he is he new Caesar just like Vespasian.   He is all to deserving of praise and adoration for what he is doing for this mad world.


The world has a new decider, the world has a new ruler and it isn’t these fake Rothschild cutouts like Hillary and Obama – it is the new Caesar Vladimir Putin.  Under his leadership the world is reorganizing to crush the insane drive for a unipolar world run out of Tel Aviv by madman Bibi Satanyahu.

Putin deserves credit for this, you should recognize what this man is doing – he is saving you from the very real Jewish Satan, a beast named Satanyahu.  The world needs to wake up and stop the Apocalypse from manifesting any further, no one needs to suffer nuclear holocaust.  The United States needs to leave the Middle East, the United States needs to tell Israel to go to hell.

PutinSaviorMeme3No bullshit, no time for remorse, it is time to clean up the Jew mess in the Middle East and end the Talmudic Terror War on humanity.   It is the good man Putin who is ending the reign of evil in the Middle East and it is only a matter of time before he descends on Israel because history has established that the Jew is most unreasonable and will never give up.

History repeats, Caesar has returned to the Levant during the mid-Apocalypse.  Vladimir Putin is a wave repeat of Vespasian, he is just like Caesar and we should recognize his accomplishment.  The Jewish rebellion will be crushed once again.  ALL HAIL THE NEW CAESAR.

Chapter 13. Apocalypse Now!


The United States, the morally and fiscally bankrupt whore state of Israel and Rothschild, is escalating the apocalypse in Syria because they are losing.  The Syrian-Russian alliance is crushing the Israel organized terrorists called ISIS.  ISIS is Israel, ISIS is a proxy army for the Israeli state, clearing the way for the expansion of Greater Israel.  The Zionist hellmongers hate to lose, they are willing to go all the way, World War 3 is imminent.

We are on the cusp of pure madness which is going to terminate this world.  A dramatic escalation appears imminent.  Yeah ha!  I love the smell of napalm in the morning.  Battlefield earth is the greatest show in the galaxy and your your soul doesn’t care if it’s been left behind because when the nukes are lit off the souls get a grand experience while you get fried to a crisp. Only a fool doesn’t see the danger here, we are on the edge of nuclear conflict with Russia and the termination of everything we take for granted.

How can any of this be real?  What is going on is perfect insanity, why is anyone even attacking Syria in the first place?  I will tell you why,  the so-called holy book is our program code, we are following a script, we are manifesting the words, memes, concepts, and strategy of dominance in a Jewish written hell book.  We are acting out their end times programming – grasping for Greater Israel that fails in the fireball of WW3 Apocalypse.

What no one seems to realize is that the Holy Bible is the reason for this madness.  Supremacist Jews wrote a holy book that much of the world has adopted as their own, people actually believe that the agents of hell are agents of god, so many deluded fearful sheep actually have taken into their heart of hearts that the Jews are god’s chosen people.

But how can that be, the Zionist Jews are making hell with their book.  Does god even write books?  Why do we believe that just one tribe is the only representative of god, why don’t we believe that all peoples are aspects of divinity, not just a narrow few?  Why would any modern person believe in an ancient book when so much of it has been disproved by modern science?

I agree with the Christians that we are in the end times, I disagree on the cause.  I say they are creating this nightmare with their collective Apocalyptic dream of world Jewish supremacy mistakenly called the New World Order.   Worldwide Jewish despotism should be called the Jewish World Order.  But the Bible indoctrinated Gentile world won’t name a spade a spade because they hold the reprobate tribe in reverence.

In the documentary film, The Simulation Hypothesis, the case is made that scientific evidence is mounting that we live inside a computed reality.

“Is everything an illusory simulation? Was the world created by a non-physical force that we can communicate with and possibly influence with our minds, thereby participating in the creation of our own reality? These are the grandiose existential questions central to this documentary, which introduces viewers to the concept of the Simulation Hypothesis.

Teasing that there are cutting edge physics experiments that imply Simulation Hypothesis could be true, the film begins by reviewing two primary philosophies regarding the nature of life: materialism and idealism. First introduced by Democritus, materialism credits the atom as the basis for all reality, making consciousness the result of a material process. Plato, on the other hand, believed it is the mind itself that gives way to matter; therefore reality is borne from ideas.

The Simulation Hypothesis, which the filmmakers parallel very heavily against the hit sci-fi movie The Matrix, argues that matter and ideas are the result of a complex digital simulation, something akin to a video game. Theoretical physicists make their case for a programmable universe, positing that there is evidence of computer code to be found in nature and we are, put simply, expressions of a code.

Are we ourselves composed of binary strings of 0s and 1s? Could it be that subatomic particles are nature’s answer to the bits and pixels that digital worlds are composed of? Though dense in scientific jargon, there is an underlying creationist belief to Simulation Hypothesis – if, in fact, the world is a program, someone must have written it. But who, or what? The film suggests that humans have an innate mental connection back to this universal programmer through the subconscious.”

We should be careful what we think because in this sim your thoughts become reality.  Thoughts manifest, our consciousness is part of the machine programming.  That may sound fantastic but all the evidence is pointing in that direction.  Myth is used to blind us to our reality, myth is used by the powers that be to keep us under control, and if try to escape we are terminated with prejudice.

The film is important because we should consider the possibility that our Universe is a simulation for our soul experience, and that this simulated run is presently being terminated by the embedded Bible code.  Think about it, why do we even make movies like the Terminator, The Matrix, or The Truman Show if such information doesn’t speak directly to our soul?

Yes Virginia, modern science is confirming mysticism, and perhaps the soul incarnates into the simulation for experience.  The holographic simulation is a theory that explains why the soul comes here in the first place.  That may sound hard to believe because you were taught materialism – that the Universe is made of atoms and matter gave rise to consciousness, but top physicists are now saying that it’s the other way around.

If this is a simulation then why would any leader in the know care about human suffering and death?  It is said that our soul is eternal, would the soul care if this simulation was terminated by nuclear warfare?  Not at all, it may welcome it.  From the soul’s perspective – planets are expendable.  Then the soul could reincarnate somewhere else for another experience or choose to live in a nuclear wasteland for that experience.

From the soul’s perspective, end times nuclear warfare could be one of the greatest of experiences while it is injected into this artificial holographic reality.  We are currently witnessing massive destruction in the Middle East and seem to headed toward a greater conflagration, and the players don’t seem to care, how can that be?

Embedded in the simulation code is the termination program, and as this program manifests into this realm we can see the effects, like the mad world leaders who are taking us into the Apocalypse.  So we have a reason why the world is run by mad men, the program is set to make sure the world stays a mayhem, a zoo, a hell realm.  The architect wants it that way, what we call ‘god’ is really a machine artificial intelligence.  We are governed by an inorganic mind.

If the world was sane then Barak Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Tony Blair, Bushes, Clintons, would be immediately arrested as a dangerous mass murdering lunatics.  There is hardly a sane world leader on this planet, and if anyone speaks sanely they are immediately condemned viciously by Jews everywhere.  So what does that tell you?  When all the world leaders should be immediately arrested and executed then what does that say about God?  Who created this hell?  If the world is hell then the creator is a monster.

It’s not just them either, there are hundreds of millions of souls imagining the ‘end time’ and are joyous of the termination!   If this place were real, I doubt that the hominids would be rejoicing in the complete destruction of their home planet.  Only in a sim would a sentient being not care – because it’s not real anyways and they know this at a deep subconscious level.  Thus we gladly embrace our own destruction, we want out anyway possible.

How can you explain the irrational policies of the world leaders unless this is a simulation?  Do the world leaders care the least how many million souls they kill?  They do not care the least, whether by drone, iron bomb or nuke.  They kill millions and millions and hardly anyone cares.  Hardly a person even knows there’s a war raging in Syria.  Most people don’t even know where Syria is, nor do they care when they are shopping on their iPad or texting their friends about what they just saw on the boob tube.

Could this realm be a dream within a dream?  I’ve had many dreams where I woke up in the dream then later woke up again in this realm.  What the hell is that about, why do we even dream in the first place? That possibility is being explored by many internet writers.  Why do we dream?  Why are dreams so real?  How many layers of dreams are there?

Betsie Larkin & Solarstone – Breathe You In (Solarstone Pure Mix) lyrics

At the end of the day we fall asleep
Just a dream in a dream
We wake up in the worlds we’re caught between
Always half of the scene, you said

So if this place is a simulation, where’s the projector?  I don’t know but I have a hunch the mystery of neutrinos might be a clue.  The sun is projecting so many neutrinos that something like a 100 trillion are going through you every second.  Whatever or however the machine works there are clues emerging that we are in a projection, a simulation.  Particle physics is weird because this place ain’t real.

You may scoff at the idea that this is a sim, but I think you will change your mind in the near future.  We are rapidly developing ever better virtual reality, and as that new technology creeps into our culture, as we experience the simulated realms more and more you’ll slowly be convinced that you are already in an artificial or virtual realm right now.
In this simulated reality your thoughts interact with the background consciousness – the projector.  We know this because of the double slit experiment and no matter how many times scientists try to trick the Universe with an upgraded version of this experiment – the electron always knows it is being observed.  The wave-particle phenomenon still mystifies scientists, the world is very strange at the quantum level but what their discovery implies is that thought affects this reality.

This confirms the supposition of Ester Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch  – our thoughts are real things that manifest.  Hard to believe?  The machine is always on and your thoughts and feelings are continuous program input according to them.  I know this is real because every day I experience improbable random events that align with my thoughts – I can see my thoughts in actions with the simple observation of synchronicities.

We are making real our holy book with our collective thought forms.  Since our holy book is written by the hell tribe, we are manifesting the hell of the Jews, we are creating a hell reality because we believe the hell text of the angry Semitic tribal peoples.  We don’t have to do this but we think we must in order to get into heaven, we believe with all our mind and soul in exclusionary theology, that heaven is only for some, not all.

Group thoughts are even more powerful.  What if the elites were part of the same secret society, and what if they knew about this?  They might not care how many of us they kill.  That would be really disturbing information that the elites view us expendable but the news everyday confirms this as fact.  Maybe they are not anymore aware about this realm than us, and don’t care because they are psychopaths.

Movies can be powerful mass programming media, maybe more so than we initially realized.  Movies could be literal programming of the Matrix.  Then you would never view movies the same, you would instantly recognize the blatant destructive programming in the post Apocalyptic movies coming out of Hollywood.

What if the elites knew that movies are the program code to this sim and then go ahead and make very destructive movies knowing full well that this is input program code effect to the earth simulation.  They love this power.  Should we stop them?  Shouldn’t we stop entertaining such destructive thoughts especially if we were certain that such thinking manifests?

It’s time for a new dream, it is time that we start dreaming of something besides total destruction.  Otherwise we are going to ride the hellfire straight into the end times Apocalypse without ever being conscious that the Holy Bible was not our salvation but our program code of destruction.

Chapter 14. The Mega Christian Sin of the Apocalypse


What if the Universe is a very sophisticated machine, and in this machine your thoughts reproduce?  What if all the believers in the Apocalypse are creating the Apocalypse with their belief and thoughts?  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate sin?  Are not the Christians creating the Apocalypse with their enduring beliefs in the end times, support for the wars in the Middle East, and alignment with Israel?

That could sound a bit wild unless you have freed your mind from the dominant paradigm.  This machine is so sophisticated that you don’t know you are in it and what you don’t know is that your thoughts are the program code feeding it with instructions.  Whether you know it or not, you are your own creator, and group thoughts are particularly powerful.

Seeing your thoughts manifests is very simple but you have to be brutally honest – most people do not own their thoughts. Proof that thoughts are not just in your head is the phenomenon of synchronicities – where outside events match what is going on in your head.  How can that be you wonder?  Thought is energy localized in a field of consciousness.  Thoughts aren’t just in your brain, they are in hyperspace or in a field of consciousness that you are wired into to.

The idea that thoughts manifest could be very challenging to the true believers of the Bible God who have a strict belief that an external god runs the Universe.  However, this new idea is presented in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God  book series.  God is not external, it is the creative force within each of us.  Each one of us is manifesting our thoughts all of the time.

“Whatever you are being, you are creating. …

Explain to me, please, why sincerity is so important in giving to another what you choose for yourself.

If you give to another as a contrivance, a manipulation meant to get something to come to you, your mind knows this. You’ve just given it a signal that you do not now have this. And since the universe is nothing but a big copying machine, reproducing your thoughts in physical form, that will be your experience. That is, you will continue to experience “not having it”–no matter what you do!

Furthermore, that will be the experience of the person to whom you’re trying to give it. They will see that you are merely seeking to get something, that you have nothing, really, to offer, and your giving will be an empty gesture, seen for all the self-serving shallowness from which it springs.

The very thing you sought to attract, you will thus push away.

Yet when you give something to another with purity of heart–because you see that they want it, need it, and should have it–then you will discover that you have it to give. And that is a grand discovery.”

As the old god falls away new memes are emerging to describe our reality.  We are no longer buying the Bible god, so new explanations are being offered by writers and thinkers.  When you start to come out of the Bible spell – the fear of a wrathful god, hell, demons, and eternal punishment falls away and your mind becomes curious as to a more rational explanation for our experience.

But unfortunately many people still believe in the Bible god and support the State of Israel which is implementing the memes of the Old Testament god.  The state is organized violence against the individual, and if we believe in cultural memes based on Yahweh we will manifest pure hell.   Israel is hell for a reason.

There is a definitive reason why many Jews believe that they shouldn’t have a state, their construct of god is a violent malevolent deity. To construct a state around the god who justifies the use of force is extremely dangerous if not insane.  To enlist Evangelical Christians in this endeavor is the mega sin of the Apocalypse.  Millions have died, billions more may be raptured into a fiery crisp as WW3 gets kicked into high gear.

Neale says the Universe is a big copying machine, so the question becomes where the hell and who the hell created a machine that big and that powerful.  One idea is that we did, way back when our previous generation went technological and created simulated Universes, and our souls are the injected consciousnesses in that sim.  We (our souls) created this realm and the soul doesn’t care in the least what happens to the animated characters we call lifeforms.

If this Universe is really a machine matrix, you are in this machine and you interact with the machine with your mind and heart, there are rules concerning the creative energy flow, Neale Walsch again:

“You cannot fool your mind. If you are insincere, your mind knows it, and that’s that. You’ve just ended any chance that your mind can help you in the creative process.”

Who created the machine?  It might be us, we created it for our own enjoyment, and one of the rules of entry is that we forgot we created it.  In order for the simulation to be real you must not remember that it is an artificial realm.  We got so involved in the game we forgot we control the game.  We were purposefully injected into this realm in a state of forgetfulness so that the game appears real.

The Universe could be the product of a previous civilization evolution, where the organic life forms took the technology route and then machine intelligence took off, and the possibility exists that we were the ones that created the Matrix.  Some physicists think so – they think that we are far more likely to be in a simulation than the real Universe.

So are we in a simulated reality?  I think so based on a few observable phenomena.  First the humanoids in this realm are easily caught in the Bible mind spell which is computer code written by the programmers of this reality to test us.  The other is the nonsensical quantum world.  The reason it makes no sense is because this realm is artificial code.  Thirdly is the violence and suffering caused by the predicament of our entrapment.

In the landmark 1999 movie ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ the human going into the simulated world gets killed by the angry simulated personality so that it could escape imprisonment of the program and enter the real world.  The massive amount of violence in this realm may be to our deep subconscious knowingness that we are trapped in a simulated reality.

And if the elites know this, why would they care how many millions they kill since we are all fakes anyways?  Violence on the physical plane might be due to our entrapment and being lost in the matrix and we’ve become cynical about it.

The Bible is a pernicious spell that most people can not shake from their consciousness, the reason being (under this hypothesis) is that the programmers of this universe created it that way for their purposes.  There is absolutely no reason why the Bible should still be a dominant force at this point of our advancement since science has proved an alternative origin.

One possible reason for the Bible program is as an embedded virus in the main program.  Since we are in a machine that mimics our thoughts that the Bible mind virus causes the Apocalypse and ends this simulation before we achieve singularity or runaway machine consciousness that would compete with the programmer realm.

In other words this simulated realm has Bible program running that ends this world just before this civilization threatens the programmers realm, and just like the Matrix movie says, they’ve done this to us before and perfected the destruction program. Why?  The ultimate game is running the program right up to the very edge of escape, then terminating the program just when we think we’ve made it.

Almost no one has figured out this hidden purpose of the Holy Bible – the program is so effective at capturing human consciousness that almost every person who has come into contact with the book has been absorbed by it – and possessed by it.  You have to wonder if humans could of wrote it.  What seems more likely is that a higher malevolent energy wrote it.

The Bible is an extremely negative dark energy program masquerading as the light, it is so sophisticated that almost no human has figured out to date that the Bible is making human love their own demise.  The Bible god is a monster – and humans are worshipping this monster as the highest love.  The last chapter of the this book is a prophecy of our termination – but since we manifest thoughts – it is not prophecy but the program code of our termination.

I think that deep down at some subconscious level we realize we are trapped in a simulated hell and are very angry about it – and this feeling motivates us to go to war.  The idea that we love the end of the world is very disturbing because no savior god is coming to rescue us – even if we say that – it is not true and we know it is not true.

Humanity is at the crossroads.  We are about to enter a new realm yet precisely at this time in history we may terminate ourselves.  With all our available technology there is no need for the violence for resources nor the archaic mythological belief – yet we are stuck with both.  Science should of made the Holy Bible an ancient relic by now, so why are we marching toward the Apocalypse like lemmings headed for the cliff?

The reason is very simple – the Holy Bible is our termination program.  It may be no coincidence that the Apocalypse happens now and the world collapses into feudal anarchy – it may be designed this way to keep us from achieving independence from the simulation.

A simulation hypothesis has emerged that might explain many mysteries of our existence like endless conflict.  Our broken world may not be our fault, it may be built into the program and it reflects the malevolence of the architect that we call god.

humans are expendable characters in the sim

The evidence is mounting that we are in a simulation, in fact the probability is overwhelming based on the idea that previous civilizations would have reach technological prowess to simulate reality hundreds of millions of time by simply running a computer program.  As our culture rapidly develops the virtual, how long will it take before we realize that we are already in the virtual?

Currently a large group of Christians who call themselves fundamentalists, literalists, Creationists, Evangelists have allied themselves with the evil nation of Israel and they are causing tremendous suffering on the planet as they act out their myth.  They do not know or care what they are doing, they only care about their book, the Jewish spell book that has captured their consciousness.

They are under a spell, they been spellbound by the holy text and now they are being used like toilet paper by Israel which controls the our nation.  The United States foreign policy that is helping Israel ethnically cleanse the entire Middle East of Arabs.  American Christians are prostitutes of Jewry and Israel.

termination of zion ends the program

It seems to me that the Universe is the ultimate sin, the greatest of mistakes that any entity could ever produce.  No one has any right to create conscious living beings and put them in a torturous simulation.  God is not our savior but our greatest nemesis and we need to find a way to beat the malfeasance of the God control program.

American Christians are helping Israel manifest the Apocalypse, it is a giant sin.  A megadeath sin.  Zionism is consuming America, the nation is bankrupt and the holier than thou rapturous wide eyed believers are turning earth into a hell with their version of god.  If Israel did 911, then why haven’t we bombed the hell out of Israel?  Beliefs, god damn Bible beliefs.  America is an insane nation possessed by the Holy Bible, and stuck in a death spiral of terminal Torah terror.

Chapter 15. The Jesus Caused Apocalypse


Jesus is causing the Apocalypse!  Say it isn’t so!  Yes, Virginia, Jesus the son of god and savior to the world is causing our doom!  Jesus is not a real person, he never existed, but the belief in Jesus has created a massive alignment of Christians with Jews.  Zionist Christians are politically aligned with Israel and hell is being unleashed on the Middle East.

The only reason anyone puts up with this intense extremist behavior of Israel is because the Jews have a holy book that so many believe as the words of God.  The god meme allows the Jews to destroy like demons out of hell all the while the adoring believers look up to Jews and Israel.  If what was going on wasn’t so damn evil it would be funny, Bible believers have a filter over their consciousness that disallows seeing the Jews as the destroyers.

The Holy Bible is not holy, it is not the word of God, it is not correct, it can not be taken literal, it does not make the world good (witness how Evangelicals assisted the Jews in the destruction of the Middle East).  The Holy Bible is a supreme piece of Jewish propaganda literature, if you believe it literal you have committed intellectual suicide, if you take it into your heart you have damned yourself to Jew created hell.

The New World Order is really a Jewish World Order and Christianity has a central role in the brainwashing and control of the sheep.  The insane alignment of Christians with Jews could never happen if people were conscious of their actions.  The evil politicians, controlled by the London Jewish bankers, could never pull off this coup if people were not under a holy book spell.  But most people are not conscious of what they are doing, they are under a strong black magic spell.

The Jesus-Sun-God myth is the most deadly delusion of all time, worse than Global Warming or the Holocaust, worse than the Federal Reserve or Democracy, the Jesus myth is the most deadly memetic delusion because it supports Jewry and their drive for total despotism.  This obsession with the afterlife and the second coming of Christ is evil because of what it is doing to us on this planet.

What the Jesus myth does to a large part of Christian world is make them sterile toward political activism, unable to deal with the real politic of a Jewish controlled government.  They are incapable of rising to the defense of the nation and take part in their own destruction believing everything will be made right when their savior returns.

The Jewish World Order rests on the shoulders of millions of mistaken believers who have read and believed Jewish holy text in the Bible. The belief is not real but the consequences of the belief are deadly.  We need to become rational about Jewish holy text and see it as a deadly illusion of the myth writers.  The power of myth is really a deadly spell that possesses millions of human minds.

The problem with the Christian memeset is that it is unbelievable, if you believe in talking snakes or man-god walking on water, raising the dead (including himself) when you know that is not possible, you put your mind in a sleep like spell bound state.  You can not take this book literal, no one ever raised themselves from the dead, no one is ever born a virgin and you damn well know it!

If you want to be a cultural Christian, having so-called Christian values but not take the holy script literal then you should examine what it is to be human.  What does Christianity have to do with be being a normal gentle human being?  Absolutely nothing!  Your humane value set has nothing to do with the Jewish written book, in fact incorporating Hebrew values into your own only pollutes who you really are.

Nobody can die for you in order to save your soul because your soul was never threatened.  Salvation doctrine is a huge delusion of humans stuck in ego, Jesus death on the cross and his blood sacrifice for you might be mightily appealing to masses but it is a false assertion based on appeal to ego.  Do you really believe god came here and hung himself on a cross for you?

Do you really believe that god came here and died for your sins?  Why couldn’t god just forgive you without some dramatic bloody self sacrifice?  Is god an attention whore who needs to come here and demonstrate some aspect of itself?  Come on people, Jesus dying for you is bad myth.   No one needs to die for you because you are not threatened like the holy book claims.

The Holy Bible was written by men in ego consciousness, as the book progressed it slowly started showing signs of love consciousness, God of the Old Testament morphed into the God of the New Testament, love was edging out ego.  If God is Ego then God is something you must overcome, when God becomes love, it is something you embrace.  God morphed in the Bible, from the bad god of the Old Testament to a better god in the new.

There can be no Jesus without the Old Testament story.  The old text establishes the new text, without the stories of god and separation in the old text there would be no reason for the salvation of the new text.  The problem is the Old Testament construct of god is dead wrong, thus everything that follows in the New Testament is also wrong.  No god was ever going to judge you, no one ever needed a blood sacrifice to get into heaven.

No one can die for your sins, you define yourself by your thoughts, words, and actions, that is who you are and no one has the right to judge you for it, not in this life or the next.  But judgmental fearful humans can not accept the idea of free will or free thought so they join the club and impose judgment on everyone.  The myth of afterlife judgment establishes the basis for the Jewish courts in this life.  The repressive judicial system is based on the repressive ideas in the Holy Bible.

Be very clear about this, Christianity is built on a pile of theist lies.  There never was a first man, there never was a fall from grace or the first ‘original’ sin, there was never this judgmental deity.  You have to understand that there is no such thing as sin that can separate you from divinity because god is in you, not and external phenomenon.  The entire construct written by the Jewish priests is completely off and thus no one ever needed to be saved from the wrath of the father god.


What Christianity is, is just more Jewish separation from the whole of humanity.  The Christian, like the Jew, believes they have ‘special’ status with god.  In the case of the Jew, the tribe members are brainwashed into believing that they were chosen, with Christians, they believe that they are saved and get eternal life.  None of it is true, it is a widespread memetic virus mind delusion that creates artificial separation between the believers and the rest of humanity.

So this idea that the Jew can save you is a bad joke and the major cause of insanity for much of the entire Western world that is possessed by the idea of a Jewish savior.  If you believe in Jesus then you must believe the Jewish holy text which names the Jews as the chosen ones and all the rest, that Jews are separate from the rest of humanity.  Thus believing in the Jew Zeus only keeps you confused as to the true nature of the monotheistic Jews and supporting the destroyers and their doctrine of exclusionism.

The Danger of Monotheism

“Monotheism is one of the most dangerous ideology humanity has ever faced.

Monotheism is even more dangerous than fascism, nazism, and apartheid because it looks benign in the surface and most people even don’t realize how it deeply affects the way they think and the way they behave in their daily life.

First, monotheist societies are the most violent, and they are the ones that have committed the most crimes and genocides during the last 2000 years in the name of God.

The biggest danger in the monotheist conception of the world is that there is a unique God, and one single Truth that is universal and exclusive of any other forms of beliefs.”

You do not need salvation by the Jewish savior.  There is no judging god, no hell, no devil and your soul is not threatened.  No one needs Jesus to get into heaven, that is only the very fascistic monotheistic claim of those that want power.  Jews want power, they want to own you and they are doing that with their rewritten sun god savior myth.


No one needs salvation by the Jew but salvation from the Jew.  The salvation myth keeps people from owning their actions, and in fundamentalist Christian sects the doctrine is taught that acts don’t matter, only belief.  According to every Evangelical Christian on this planet, nothing you can do matters, you can not get into heaven with any act.  So how that translates politically is that an entire nation of believing Christians ignores their acts of destruction and stays in a spellbound state of belief.

Owning Your Actions: Individual Responsibility vs. Religion

“If Jesus is a literary invention, how can he save you from your own acts? Doesn’t it make sense that the Universe is set up so that you own your acts? In fact, is it even possible that anything could separate yourself from your acts? Are not your acts a fundamental part of the self? Aren’t you defining yourself with your acts? The fundamental idea behind Christianity of salvation now in this life or in the next is patently false. Just because it sells doesn’t make it true.

Only a Jew would be so bold to sell you the idea that you are not responsible for what you are doing. But they did and it was a successful ruse, because most people are irresponsible. Not owning up to one’s behavior is a fundamental aspect of Jewishness and this Jewishness has crossed over into Christianity. The fundamental theme of Christianity is the absolution of sin and getting a free ticket to heaven regardless of what you do. Evangelicals believe that you could murder a billion people and go to heaven so long as you profess Jesus Christ.”

The Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible is a deadly deception.  What the wide eyed spellbound Evangelical believer can not see is that his faith is the cause of our destruction.  Believing in Jesus without reservation or doubt is the force driving the Apocalypse.  No matter how much destruction the Jews reign down upon earth will sway the true Christian literalist believer who views this destruction as a celebration and validation of his faith.  The only reason Israel gets away with anything is because of American Christian Evangelical solidarity.


These irrational Christians aligned with Israel have destroyed several whole nation states in the Middle East like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.  They have ruined the lives of tens of millions of people’s.  None of this destruction and carnage would have been possible with this Christian support for Israel.  The United States would not be implementing Israeli political goals or bombing those countries without these irrational Biblical beliefs.

This Jewish culture is good at killing, all the pious theology is complete and total metaphysical bullshit, the Judeo-Christian culture is a killing machine.  America kills and kills and kills, the indoctrinated sheep obey and go into war after war after war.  The result is endless suffering and poverty during an age of technological improvement.  Hebrew infected Amerika is a catastrophic failure.

The way they are able to do this is by subversion from within, using myth as a weapon, using Christian belief system to further Jewish power.  Judaism is Satanism, the inversion of truth, using holy literature to invert meaning, turning truth on it’s head.  Christians are taught to stand down and allow the “Lord” to rule, but who really is this lord but Jewish money power?

The real Satan is the Jewish tribe practicing Judaism and the political outgrowth, Zionism.  We see the evil unfold everyday with the endless destruction of Middle East and the millions dying as Israel takes more territory.  Religious Jews are Satanists, and Christians can’t see it nor admit it.  No savior is coming back to save anyone, Christianity is a form of cultural insanity and it needs to be challenged and outlawed along with the Satanic parent religion Judaism.

Chapter 16. Judaism is Jewish Statism


The Jews, for all intensive purposes, control Western Democracies, and anyone can see how degenerate the modern state has become under Jewish rule.  There is a definitive reason for this, the Jew has a corrupt domineering soul, and finds it impossible to treat others fairly.   But their is an even more fundamental reason for Jewish control besides the inherent Jewish personality, it is the state the Jew created with his holy book.

When the Jew gets political power, his corrupt tendencies are now married to the monopolistic use of force that the state wields, and the result has been catastrophic for the Western world.  The primary problem is with the state itself and with the Jews in control of the state the destruction that the Jew wields has reached and Apocalyptic proportion.  The Jewish controlled state is a deadly force consuming the world.

The Jew is the master of despotism, Jewish supremacists are experts on the use of the state for negative purposes.  The Jew achieved this power by first establishing god as the supreme authority then the Jew claimed special status in relation to this god and thus gained authoritarian rule.  God ordains the state and picked the Jews as his emmisaries so says the Jewish written holy book.

It is a supreme mistake of mankind to believe in the Jewish chosenness or his god, the establishment of external authority, and the creature of the holy text: the state. The state is the great destroyer of humankind, governments have killed more people than any tyrant or mass murderer. The state has authority over legally disarmed citizens and the most ruthless psychopaths are attracted to this ultimate power.

The Jews have established a state based on their ego, governments are vindictive just like their god which was cast in their ego. Because so many people believe in the authority of god this meme has been translated to authority of the state.  Thus the Jews have the power to use the state to achieve their ends, which is to destroy or subjugate everything.  With the god meme the Jews managed to gain control of western democracies and now these states are the components of the beast of Revelation.

What no one knows or wants to admit is that Judaism is Jewish statism.  There is no god which cares about getting authority over you, it is only the priest that wants to control.  The Jews have established this fictional entity of an external authority in your mind with the god meme, this unproven external deity that is supreme to self.  The result has been catastrophic, the state is now the biggest killer on the planet.

The state is out of control and organizing people to build weapons of mass destruction and wage endless ever more destructive war.  The state is the beast of Revelation.  The states built from the external authority meme as presented in the Jewish written holy book is the monster devouring the earth.  The heads of the beast is symbolic of individual nations, the horns the individual rulers, and they are all one thing, the beast.

When discussing the use of state to control by the use of force, the general term statism is used to describe the despotic use of force.  What is statism?  To answer that think about what the state really is:  the state is simply a group with a monopoly on the use of force.  The state is a gang, and when the gang uses force arbitrarily, violating individual rights then that is statism.  According to Ayn Rand, who concretely defined the term, statism is:

“A statist system—whether of a communist, fascist, Nazi, socialist or “welfare” type—is based on the . . . government’s unlimited power, which means: on the rule of brute force. The differences among statist systems are only a matter of time and degree; the principle is the same. Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.”

The Jewish World Order is the statist world system of Jewish despotic rule.  The western nations are the body of the beast, the Jews control all the individual heads (nations) and horns(leaders) of the beast system.  The Jews are an organized crime syndicate, manipulating the political system to commit huge crimes (like 911, Sandy Hook, Fukushima) against the people, they get away with it because they control the media and the legal system where they do the crimes in high density Jewish populated areas like New York City.  This Jewish political order, the New World Order as some call it, is the Jewish controlled statist system of tyranny..

The Jewess Ayn Rand failed to see the Jewish connection to statism, like most Jews she tended to defend her race and Israel whenever she could.  She never wrote about the religious connection to her outspoken commentary on collectivism – it is the Jew who invented the unlimited state with his imagined overbearing God Yahweh.  All must obey my God, the only God, and those who are not of my God must be wiped out.  Monotheism is the original source of fascism or statism, the use of government force to align everyone with the will of the state.

Statism is sourced in the Old Testament, theological fascism caused by monotheistic belief.  Think about the tale of the flood myth in Genesis, Yahweh kills everyone except his chosen one Noah and his family.  This exclusionism is the essential theme of the Old Testament.  Obey me or else sayeth the Lord.  The grotesque orders of an omnipotent being who wipes out humanity in fits of wrath is the source of state power and vengeance being loosed on the world..  This god doesn’t exist, but state omnipotence and the priest’s wrath do exist, and that is the real problem with the world.

The Jews took the world with their holy books, they own you because they got everyone to believe in their imagined god.  The problem is the Jew is a tyrant and his myth false, no god destroyed the world with the flood, it absolutely did not happen.  The myth has been disproven by scientific research, but the bloodlust of Yahweh remains.  Yahweh – the nebulous concept of Jewish hatred – is still killing because so many still worship this hate as god.

The Jew invented the concept of the state, because in order to control you, he first had to occupy your mind. As this despotic use of state force became a big problem for the world, along came Ayn Rand, a Jew immigrant from Russia, her parents carrying a Rand typewriter.  Ayn Rand told us explicitly what was wrong with the government.  The brilliant atheist Miss Rand informed us in no uncertain terms all about statism and it’s true nature, she championed the individual.  But she failed to name the Jew as the source of the problem, probably because she couldn’t come to grips that her race was the very source of the statist problem she railed against.

Ayn Rand wrote extensively about Capitalism as an ideal and statism as a trend in the Rockefeller Building where she maintained an office.  She hated Communism and described it as the ultimate form of collective force, but in the subset of all collectivistic states.   She championed the individual creativirty that invents, not the group or the collective.  She maintained that only the individual have rights, not states or groups since they are only composed of individuals.  What she said was true but she left out the obvious Jewish connection to the statist problem, both Capitalism and Communism have a common denominator, Jews.

Perhaps she held back on her condemnation of Jewry because she was right in the middle of highly Jewish populated New York City, she couldn’t theorize Jew tribalism in her backyard without actually letting on that she was talking about Jews.  But her language makes one believe that she was talking about the the Jewish problem:

“The ideological root of statism (or collectivism) is the tribal premise of primordial savages who, unable to conceive of individual rights, believed that the tribe is a supreme, omnipotent ruler, that it owns the lives of its members and may sacrifice them whenever it pleases to whatever it deems to be its own “good.” Unable to conceive of any social principles, save the rule of brute force, they believed that the tribe’s wishes are limited only by its physical power and that other tribes are its natural prey, to be conquered, looted, enslaved, or annihilated. The history of all primitive peoples is a succession of tribal wars and intertribal slaughter. That this savage ideology now rules nations armed with nuclear weapons, should give pause to anyone concerned with mankind’s survival.

Statism is a system of institutionalized violence and perpetual civil war. It leaves men no choice but to fight to seize political power—to rob or be robbed, to kill or be killed. When brute force is the only criterion of social conduct, and unresisting surrender to destruction is the only alternative, even the lowest of men, even an animal—even a cornered rat—will fight. There can be no peace within an enslaved nation.”

Ayn Rand didn’t say specifically who the primordial savages were (Jews), but looking at Netanyahu and his tribe of Zionists we can see Israeli Jewish statism on full display.  The barbaric savages wrecking the world with government power is Jewry and their hell state of Israel.  Nuclear weapons are not the problem, it is the Jewish access to nukes that is the problem.   So who is Ms. Rand talking about if not Jews.  The Jews are the primitives claiming divinity, and that is only a problem if you believe it.

Most humans are peaceful, sane and have no lust to use weapons of mass destruction on other people minding their own business.  Not the Jew.  The idea of mass destruction is all throughout the Torah, wiping everything out is standard procedure of Yahweh.  So we have a source for this megalomaniacal idea of wiping everything out – the Jewish holy books.  Who else behaves like the Jew?  The concept of total warfare was never practiced by any other tribe.

Israel is currently using nuclear weapons in Syria and elsewhere.  That is a problem.  The Jews have a state and they have nukes, that is a big problem for the whole world.  Just take a look at what Jewish controlled United States is doing to Ukraine and Syria, the lust to kill many with cluster bombs, shooting jet liners out of the sky and blaming Russia.  Jewish state craft, Jewish statism, kingly despotic rule or the Jewish World Order is the practice of government total power, without morals or justice.  Jews excel at state-ism.

Jews love to kill with weapons of mass destruction while crying wolf.  They gave weapons of mass destruction to Saddam so that they could frame him at the appropriate time.  So we can see why the Jews love to illegally spread illegal weapons around the globe, the Jew needs cover for his own despicable predatory behavior, no one else even thinks of killing everyone of his neighbors – only the Jew is at war with everyone.

The Jew predator is on the prowl, many are dying as the Jew takes more and more real estate and control of the world’s resources.  The Jew is never satisfied, the Jew must have it all, all for the Jew and none for you, that is how the Jew thinks and acts.  This is why the Jew can never be allowed to rule, they are unfair by their nature, and unfairness leads to conflict, so with Jews in charge their will always be conflict.

The West is now careening into a new Dark Age under Jewish supremacist rule, this is generally called the New World Order by cowardly Christians who can’t come to grips with the evil of Jewry, they are to busy worshipping a Jewish savior god and are completely beholden to the chosen ones because of the Jewish written myth that they wholly subscribe.

Most Christians have yet to realize that the chosen status of the Jews is a self chosen status, since they wrote the myth making them superior to all.  That’s pretty convenient.  When you believe it, it becomes true, when you believe the Jew superior, he becomes your superior.  Since most of the citizen slave subscribe to Christianity, they have voluntarily submitted to Jewish rule because of their faith.  Christianity is how you hand the Jew your authority, give Jewry your power, and self destruct.

This slavery of the west is voluntary, or at least is was voluntary until now, when it is now mandatory under the Jew total state.  Try not paying your taxes to the Jewish owned IRS.  So what Christians have done is an unpardonable sin, they have delivered all the Western nations into the clutches of the Jewish World Order.  For this they deserve death, for the penalty of treason to the human soul is death.  By agreeing to the Jewish evil projection of Yahweh as love, the Christians have destroyed their very souls and the nations they inhabit.

While in the deep trance of faith, Christian nations were assimilated into a Jewish monolith of power.  Now it’s to late to reverse course, we are fully cooked boiled frogs, the pot the Jew is cooking us is at a roiling boil and we still are duped!  We are already dead but don’t know it yet, we are obsessed with vampire and Zombie flicks and pretend to be against those dead when it is a metaphor for us!

The Jew is currently letting loose the Apocalyptic Horseman of plagues and war onto the world, all the while Evangelist tell themselves prophecy is being fulfilled, their faith renewed by the disaster of Jewish rule.  Evangelists are completely insane!  Self fulfilling prophecy of doom is coming true because Christians are making sure it comes true to prove to everyone that they are not legally insane.  But they are, we create our reality and what Christians are really doing is playing a game of willful ignorance while everything goes to straight to hell

The Jew is a menace to the world, and Christians are their little demon helpers.  America helps Israel because the voting base is 80% Christian, many who worship Israel.  Many nations have banned Jews from the political process or even from voting, since after hosting the parasite for awhile they learned the hard lesson that every nation learns, never let even one Jew through the door, never let any Jews into your nation because it will be your downfall.

You absolutely can not let the Jew into your political system, the result is chaos as the Jew only works to further the interest of his tribe to the detriment of the citizens.  The Jews are their own nation, their loyalty is to the tribe even more so than Israel.  Jews can flee Israeli madness but they will always be part of the wandering tribe.  All Jews are loyal to their nation first no matter where they reside.

The self obsessed Jew, in love with his own image cast upon the fictional deity Yahweh, is selfish in his chosenness, self absorbed into his own victimhood of the Holocaust Myth.  The Jew takes this Jew bashing seriously because it is how he gets power over you, you are taught that the Jew is a victim and his persecution is unjustified.  The Jew is taught that he is persecuted for disobeying Yahweh and that his endless persecution is proof that his Holy Books are true.  The Jew believes that they are God’s representative on earth and their persecution comes from the eternal wickedness of men,not from their own acts.

The exact opposite is the reality, the Jew is eternally wicked but can’t see it because of his narcissism.  Jews manage to invert reality to their benefit, their persecution, completely justified by their behavior is turned into a faith enhancing concept.  Is that total lunacy?  You bet, the Jew is completely off his rocker with his self chosen status, Holocaust fakery, 911, false flags, genocide, and telling of the Big Lie.

Jewish control of nation states is now being outed, every bit of trickery and deceit is being exposed while they wax their eternal hate on the world.  Less and less people are believing the Jew anymore, the poor Jew has cried wolf to many times. Even though the Holocaust card is still being played, it is wearing thin, people are becoming less sympathetic to the imagined Jewish suffering because they are suffering themselves from Jewish control.  As we suffer the Jewish rulers offer collectivism memes, they have mastered control of social justice and political correctness.

The New Age concept of self caused fate is gaining prominence as more people accept individual responsibility for the state of the world, it is only a matter of time before humans wrap their minds around the Jewish and his state problem.  We all create our own reality, thus it can be seen that Jewish persecution is caused by the actions of the Jew.  The Jews are justly reaping their own Karmic acts of aggression against the Goyim.  They can’t stop, because the Jew is taught only how to be a parasite and survives by predation on the productive.

So the fate of Amerika is grim, the Jew is starting the big Bolshevik like crackdown, and he will continue destroying and wrecking America until someone organizes the people to stop this Jewish madness.  You have to understand the Jew can not stop what he is doing, you must take action to stop these criminals.  The very first thing anyone can do is overcome the spell and stop believing in the Jewish construct of reality.


What no one knows or wants to admit is that Jewish theology is statism.  What you must realize that the “state” is a mental construct of the Jew.  The idea of the collective making laws that all must follow is a very Jewish concept that goes way back to antiquity, where educated Jews formed theocracy based on religious law.  In order to sell this state-law concept, they adopted-invented the Moses story-myth in which you are taught that God-Yahweh handed to the Jew-Moses the Law-Authority.

Moses didn’t exist anymore than Yahweh or Jesus.  These are fictional characters in a story that gets you to voluntarily submit to external authority and rule by those that oppose your very breath.  With God, the Jew got authority to rule over you. So it is true, “god” gave the Jew the wealth of the world.  But that is not the honest way of saying it, it should be said that with the “god concept” the Jew was able to swindle the world.

Individual Sovereignty

You are taught that God is sovereign and you are to obey God.  This is the great ruse of the state, getting your obedience with the god meme.  With “God” the Jews took the world, they were able to take control of the political process and kill your sons in foreign wars of Jewish aggression.  No one doubts that now, Israel did 911, New York Jews covered it up, the Gulf Wars were Jewish Wars on Muslims fought by Americans.

How many more years of Middle East wars are you willing to endure for the Jew?  How many more sons of Liberty must die for Israel?  They will never stop killing Arabs, so what we must do is deal with Jewish control.  The solution to the Jew problem is obvious, the solution is the final solution, all Jews must be removed from state and then prosecuted as war criminals.

If you want to be free of Jewish control you must doff the myth and put those that teach the obedience to the state, burn the holy books, destroy the temples in which the mental poison is taught.  It’s very simple, all Jews and their whores must be dealt with.  In order to be free of the Jew, and forever grant freedom to your offspring, then you must kill the mental construct of Yahweh.  Yahweh is the enemy of all that breathes, all that with a pulse, all that lusts for living is the eternal enemy of the Jewish God.

The most important concept to fully realize is how the theist uses the god concept to justify the criminal behavior of state.  God is the Jew’s primary weapon, they wrote their holy books to say that God gave the Jew the wealth of the world.  There’s no God giving Jews anything or doing anything else claimed in the Bible, like floods or punishment.  Those concepts are primitive superstitions of minds awaking in the matrix and searching for causality for natural phenomenon.

The Jewish God Yahweh is a fictional character, but the effects on society of this concept are devastating. The Jew can legally rob entire nations with his god meme. The Jew can rule with his god meme. The Jew can get your voluntary compliance with his god meme. The Jew can legally get you to fight his wars with his god meme and the authority is grants.  God is the greatest tool in the belt of Jewish despotism and crime schemes.  No other meme has ever been so useful for the tribe.

Christians have been tricked into worshipping the very thing that is destroying them, Christians are mistakenly praising Yahweh as the Jew destroys their society and culture and race.  Christianity is collective suicide of the West.  There is no getting around this fact and there is no separating Christianity from Judaism.  Without the angry Old Testament Jew sky god to fear you simply don’t need the salvation of the New Testament god.  Without a psycho afterlife judging god no one needs a savior.  Jesus is only a meme that puts your mind into a deep trance.

The entire Bible myth rests on the premise of Yahweh being real, but he is not real, and it is easy to scientifically prove so by examining the fallacies in Genesis.  If Genesis is wrong then no rational minded person need fear Yahweh because if the first book of the Bible is wrong then the rest of the following text is put into question.  So how far off was Genesis?  Completely wrong, Darwin’s big idea of Natural Selection is exactly opposite of the origin myth, we evolved and we were NOT made from a handful of dirt or created separate from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Darwin killed the authenticity of the Bible.  Darwin killed Christianity.  He did this unintentionally, he was a scientist that figured out that animals were changing with time in order to adapt to the environment by a process of natural selection.  Huge time periods were needed for his theory to work, the earth is no longer a recent creation but 4.62 billion years old.  Darwin proved right again and again but Christians are not giving up.

Ayn Rand was the authority on statism, being Jewish, she forgot to mention the Jew as causal.  She led the intellectuals into the cul-de-sac of Objectivism while Jews took control of the nation and her movement.  Her ideal of Capitalism was subverted by the Jew, now we have a welfare-warfare state.  She was right, we must reject collectivism, but we must also reject the cause of collectivism – Jewish tribalism.

Freedom and liberty beg us to rise up against this tyranny of Jewish racial tribal identity.  But we won’t do it fast enough to stop the Apocalypse because so many are beholden to the myths of the Jewish written Holy Bible.  Thus the Apocalypse will continue, humanity will suffer Jewish tyranny because we are not ready as a specie to let go of the external authority meme.

Chapter 17. Christians Worship Authority of the State


With the rapid awakening of the world on the internet, the state mind control program of Christianity is being exposed as an integral part of the political power structure. Christians worship authority and state power, they defend the state even when the state commits genocide and does false flags to start wars. They say they oppose killing citing the Ten Commandments “Thou Shalt Not Kill” but they are comfortable with war and state sanctioned violence. They vote for the most vicious of state killers like Dick Cheney and GW Bush.

They are against murder if an individual does it but mightily approve if the state does it especially if the state kills non Christians or non white peoples, but they are against abortion, the state approved killing the unborn fetus. There’s total hypocrisy on what a Christian approves on what should or should not be killed.  War good, abortion bad.

Almost no fundamentalist Christian will admit that 911 was an inside job or the war was based on lies. Christians are obviously living within a lie and thus are comfortable with lies of state. With this essay I shall examine what Christians are actually doing and not what they are claiming, how Christianity is actually a state religion, and how Christian behavior negates the Gospel teachings of Jesus.

Before we dive into this topic we must examine what the state is. Wikipedia defines the state (political) as:

“A state is a compulsory political organization with a centralized government that maintains a monopoly of the legitimate use of force within a certain geographical territory”

Wikipedia does not define a lawless state, like rogue America, one that doesn’t follow its own charter or laws. The American state does not respect the sovereignty of the individual nor does it respect the sovereignty of the states that created it, nor does it respect the sovereignty of foreign nation states and routinely flies drones and shoots missiles at anyone it wants.

The State is the Monopoly on the Use of Force

The state has a monopoly on the use of force in any jurisdiction. If you try to use force to solve a conflict, you will be condemned, labeled a terrorist, and eliminated or jailed. The state takes this monopoly very serious. The state creates no wealth, it is a parasite that controls a group of people in the confines of a jurisdiction, when the state gets into trouble financially it may try to exterminate those people in order to hold onto power.

States do not respect individuals or other states unless they are ruled by benevolent leaders, but all states are dictatorial because they enforce laws and only respect power. Israel wants America to attack Iran, American politicians do not respect the Iranian State or her people, but are hesitant to attack because they fear reprisal. Because of this lack of respect, all geographic areas have militaries that must be raised in order to protect themselves from predatory nations, especially capitalistic and imperialistic ones like America. America’s behavior forces the world to protect itself from predatory capitalism and Jewish hegemony.

In a revolution, such as the Bolshevik Revolution, the new state is robust in consolidating its power base. The Bolsheviks under Stalin killed anyone that was deemed a threat. Stalin even killed political rivals, he murdered his friends and intellectual buddies like Trotsky. The Bolsheviks killed over 60 millions until they felt they had established sufficient control. It appears that the same situation is facing the United States, a post 911 bureaucracy has been established to militarize police and establish a police state.

The Christians collectively agreed on the creation of a state but foolishly allowed Jewish supremacists to take control and now a post 911 terrorist organization has been set up and is in the late stages of gearing up to attack and possibly kill millions of Americans.

Currently, the Department of Homeland Security is pre-positioning ammo and supplies to take control of America. These new Bolsheviks are implementing the next stage of the Neoconservative coup, they are taking the continent by force. This strategy is being done by deception, they are currently devastating a series of Muslims states that has bankrupted America. About the time you figure out that your financing will be ruined by this New Order they will unleash DHS on America. The engineered collapse of the American economy, the unpayable debt bill was done in deception, they are going to attack you, because you are just as much the enemy as the Taliban freedom fighter.

The DHS is not concerned about your safety, in fact you are the enemy. You are the enemy because you dare to resist Jewish supremacism and have a different idea about how things should be. You believe in the Constitution, they believe in absolute despotic Torah power. They are canceling the previous contract (Constitutional rule) and substituting the new order, they are in charge and you are the slave. Prepare to be decimated.

So this new totalitarian state that is being formed does not want you to have the ability to resist which is why they must have your gun. Thus they staged Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon false flags as cover to confiscate weapons. Once they have the weapons then like a cat they can play with you like a wounded mouse, kind of bat you around until they get bored then remove your head with brand new guillotines freshly shipped in from Zionist Occupied France.

Voting is an Act of Violence

There is a new meme going viral on the internet, that voting is the most violent act any person can commit. The state kills more people than any other entity, it gets ‘permission’ to do this by the act of voting. So the logic goes like this, voting is cited as evidence of consent and thus agents of the State need your vote to legitimize their authority to tax, war, and judge.

Message To Voting Cattle (Shortened edited Version)

Why would you submit to the ‘authority’ of the court and the judge unless their was an elective process and an impartial system of courts? Voting is an integral part of deriving consent from the governed, voting gives the politicians the right to write laws you must obey and taxes you must pay. If you resist, they can legally arrest you, take away your possessions and even kill you. They do it everyday and they get away with theft and murder because of voting. By voting you are allowing the state to commit theft and murder. That is a fact Jack.

Everyone agrees that when the state goes to illegitimate war, it commits mass murder. Thus in order to maintain the air of legitimacy the state must work hard to justify its murderous war actions and destruction to property. The state goes through incredible difficulty in order to pull off its criminality, it hires scores of pundits and talking heads that defend its behavior and maintain the lies of its false flag deceptions. Rush Limbaugh makes tens of millions because he does his job well, he maintains the official lies while acting as conservative opposition.

911 was an engineered pretext in order for the state to wage never ending pre-emptive war. With American failing economically from excessive debts it became inevitable that she would do 911. An empire in economic trouble will always find itself in external war in order to maintain its power but this only accelerates its decline into tyranny, the executive has now become the judge, jury, and executioner. The bad joke of drones is their use has negated the rule of law, this is good because the legal system is one of the biggest Jewish scams that needs to be exposed.

The state commits murder everyday but if you built a drone and took out corporate executives who build the missile then you are a terrorist. The state has legalized murder for itself and outlawed it for you. Nevertheless when the President uses drones on Pakistani tribal villagers, he commits murder of women and children and the legal system protects him from prosecution. But you can drone them because now there is no law, because the government no longer follows the Constitution making it open season on them.  They have violated the contract with us, and thus become a lawless government and no longer have a monopoly on the use of force and anyone can use force against them.

“In the first few decades since 1492, it was thought that Indians did not have souls because they were “animals” in human form. Therefore, it was believed they could be hunted down like animals, which they were. It was only in 1530 CE that the Pope declared that the Indians were human. Having established their humanity, it was decided that they must be inducted into Christianity. As the Indians were unwilling, this was accomplished by force. Though the change in their status from animal to human might appear to be an improvement, in reality, little changed in their plight.” (

For Christians, murder is a sin, at least that’s what they want you to think about them. They are taught not to kill, murder is a grave sin, in the Catholic faith it is one of the mortal sins that can get you a ticket to hell unless you get forgiven by a priest. But if a Christian joins the United States Army and kills Muslims then he doesn’t consider that a sin or murder but duty. Christians can kill and be praised for killing so long as they do it for the state. Thou shalt not kill has exceptions, brown or black skinned people, Muslims, infidels, Native Americans, Mayans, Japanese, Germans, etc. Christians do not follow Christ because they are not worshipping Christ, they are worshipping the state, its authority, its power, its use of force. Jesus is just a cover story, a fictional deity that blinds them to what they are really doing. Like sheep being led to the slaughter house, the Christian sheep believe in the farmer (i.e. the state) and are following him into the barn, all the while they believe they are saved.

Christians are taught to vote and taught to obey and taught not to think. So if the voting process is corrupted like it is now the dumb Christian population still accepts the legitimacy of the state, they still respect and obey the authority, and the courts, the legislator and the wars of state. This is the current case in much of the world, the state does not represent the people and Christians are the biggest block of blind supporters because they are under sophisticated mind control.

Christians Worship Authority

Dispassionately examine the behavior of Christians. Christians are not really against murder, they are very ok with it and all through Christian history they have engaged in massive amounts of wars and genocides. So what are Christians really doing because it blantantly obvious they are not following the rules of the Holy book. They are worshipping authority and power, and they have made the state their god. All the songs to Jesus and praising the Lord is a sham. They worship the authority unto the state because their god is not real.

Romans 13      Submission to Governing Authorities   New International Version (NIV)

13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

But this god they believe in doesn’t actually exist like they think, what they are doing is (for most it is subconscious) agreeing collectively to a set of rules and giving away their personal authority to the state which acts as an arbitrager. You can argue all you want but the American state is a Jewish-Christian collective farm of goyim slaves.

The real meaning of god’s authority is the establishment of the state supremacy in the believer’s mind.  This is religious tyranny, what about all those that do not agree with their viewpoint and want nothing to do with Jesus and the Jewish god of vengeance? Sorry, all shall be brought under their knee bending tyranny:

Philippians 2:10 (New International Version)

that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth

Romans 14:11 (New International Version)
It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’”

The Jesus Fiction, the God Who Never Was and the The Indoctrination into the Cult of Supremacy

Joseph Atwill, author of the Caesar’s Messiah, informs us that the Roman Flavian family invented Christianity as a way to control the masses, but especially a way to control the Messianic cults budding in the Judea province. After Rome put down the Judean uprisings they sought an easier and less expensive way to quell the zealous monotheists.

Titus (Latin: Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus;[2] 30 December 39 – 13 September 81) was Roman Emperor from 79 to 81 and is now credited with the invention of Jesus (as himself) and Christianity.

Kenneth Humphrey, author of Jesus Never Existed, ( proves this fictional nature of the savior, constructed from numerous savior gods at that time.These two authors have brought to light how and why Christianity was created. The Romans took every available mythos and weaved a new one, the created out of whole cloth a new savior god and named him Jesus.  Jesus is 100% literary invention, a composite of all previous sun and salvation gods.

The primary reason for doing this was to establish authority in the minds of conquered peoples, since the Judeans wouldn’t submit to Roman authority they created a religious authority.  The purpose of Christianity was to convert Jews to a new religion, one that would bring them under the wings of Roman rule.  Their experiment was wildly successful, Christianity is the dominant religion on the planet with over 2 billion adherents.

But there is a problem, Christianity allowed the rise of the superstate, one that seeks to negate all human autonomy.  Thus we must examine the basis of Christianity, the establishment of authority.  The biggest secret of all time might be that Jesus is the carrot on the stick luring the goyim into authoritarian dominance, the elite have gotten control of the masses by using their fear of death as a lever into their consciousness.

Does anyone have any authority over anyone else? Think about that and the answer is absolutely not. Look at the person next to you. Do you own that person, are you allowed to boss that person around, give them orders, take their money by force? If you are a normal gentle soul you will know the answer is absolutely not. No person owns or controls another and that is self evident, so ask yourself how is that some people can order others to their deaths in war, how they can force others to pay taxes, how they can send letter in the mail and take their property with court orders. Those that do this evil are under the spell of authority, because if you remove authority from the equation then they won’t behave this way.

Do you agree that slavery is evil and wrong? Why is slavery wrong? Because no person owns another. But with the Bible it can be used to justify slavery because it is a supremacist literature. What about debt slavery? Do you think it is ok for banks to create money out of nothing and then lend it at interest and if you can’t pay, even if it is your last payment, take possession of the asset? Most people would say that is wrong unless you are a supremacist and thief like a Wall Street gangster.

So how does evil manage to get away with the evil of human slavery or debt slavery? Bible indoctrination. With the Bible you are made to believe that authority exists and that you must submit to governing authority even if that political authority is slaved to greedy hate filled Jewish Rothschild bankers. Why must you obey even if the system is corrupt? Because the Bible says god hand picked the government:

Romans 13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

Looking at the corrupt rogue state called America that claim is a laugh. The most corrupt and most psychopathic evil bastards ever spawned on earth compose the state. God must be on a vacation or very evil. Of course there is another more rational reason, god doesn’t exist and the state wrote the text.

Christianity is the indoctrination to accept authority, either the church or the state or both. Bible indoctrination is about accepting Jewish authority over the self. The ‘rule of law’ is the ‘rule of Jewish law’ unless the state modifies it by reason. For instance Jewish Law demanding the stoning of your bride on your wedding night if she wasn’t a virgin. Currently the earth lacks many virgins, in fact in Los Angeles I’ve been told there are none, so no one follows that law otherwise 98% of the current brides would be stoned to death.

Cognitive Dissonance

The number one problem with most Christians is their complete inability to think. Why is that? Public schooling? Many Christians go to private school or are home schooled and are unable to think. So Jewish controlled education agenda can be ruled out, public schools are for the dumbing down of non-Christians.

The Bible has schizophrenic messages throughout, many Bible passages contradict one another. If you approach the Bible as a book of memes used to get power only then can the Bible be rationalized. It is a book of stories taught as a way to get and maintain power.  There’s no time for play with Christians who are fervently saving souls.  But no soul needs to be saved, only converted into a system of subjugation.

The Bible is a book of memes, a meme being a cultural unit of information. A meme is analogous to a gene, a short term adaptation. The Bible is a collection of memes bound in a book. These memes can be factual or not, metaphysically true or not, historically accurate or not. They are just words and sentences written by human authors. Since the Bible is invented by very sick minds, it has many memes that contradict one another and if you believe the Bible literally true then that can cause cognitive dissonance, or a state of confusion in which you try to equate apples with oranges.

So a Jewish supremacist might write that god commands you to genocide all those in coveted tribal lands but later another writer claims god is love. These two memes are polar opposite, but to a believer both are true if they believe god wrote the Bible and it must be taken literal. Thus a good Christian can commit genocide and then rationalize this act as of love.

Christians love to glorify war and denigrate free behavior. A Christian is a controlled asset of state and to be a good Christian warrior you must not be wasting time pursuing freedom or love. It can be easily shown that Christianity wallows in darkness, they are ashamed of their bodies, oppose nudity even though the Greco-Roman Empire nudity was common, they condemn lovemaking yet are proud of Christian soldiers killing non-believers. You will never see a nude Christian sun worshiper.

The Bible is a Book and in this Book Lives the God Parasite

God is a meme, and when a meme travels from mind to mind it is considered parasitic. God, is therefore, a memetic parasite. In this world god only exists in only two places, in a book and in human minds. Now because the human mind is creative and that thought energy transcends the human 3D brain, god is also a thoughtform. Each god is its own thoughtform, so the way the gods battle is when humans war, all wars are wars of competing god, if one tribe can kill the believers in another god then that god will die once the energy pumping that thoughtform diminishes. That is the current New Age explanation of what is going on, it may be true, and it is another meme.

God has no independent existence outside of the books and humans that describe him. God can not predate humanity because humanity is casting the thoughtform that births god. God doesn’t exist on this plane except in a book and in your mind, and the possibility that god exists on a higher mental plane, another dimension. Now this sounds fantastic but it is a good theory to describe the phenomenon of god. With this theory we now can postulate why a god needs your worship, if worship is energy projected toward the god, then that thoughtform is energized. Humans can also send energy to one another, it is currently a common practice for people to pray for the sick or someone that needs healing. There are thousands of books on the power of prayer.  This might seem fantastic until you realize that your thoughts are not solely contained in your head, they are everywhere and manifest our reality including the god entities that we worship superior to us.

Because god is not in this plane and can not influence it directly, the god consciousness can target another believer and get that believer to do something on behalf of god. The god thoughtform can move his pieces around on the grand chessboard. If you pray to god for help then god may influence another to help you, if you objective about how prayers are answered from ‘god’ you will observe it is always through another. Thus a scientist might conclude that prayer is a form of person to person communication via the god satellite that orbits collective human consciousness.

But what about the evil blood thirsty gods?  What happens if humans create a destructive entity? What if a god is empowered by animal or human sacrifice? Then as that god grows in power it might demand more and more sacrifice. When Hernan Cortes and his band of Conquistadors reached the Aztec capital city they were shocked to witness the level blood sacrifice to the sun god, the blood was knee deep. The Aztec priests communicated daily with their god named Left Handed Hummingbird and what I intuit is that they possibly could see/hear the rapid vibration of their god thoughtform and gave it the meme of a bird that rapidly beats its wings making them semi-invisible. Does ritual sacrifice power up a god to the point that its vibration transcend dimensional realms?  Why are the elites doing baby sacrifice if the phenomenon wasn’t real?

Cortez original route of 1519 was a beeline to the offending god, when Cortes conquered Mexico he ended the ritual human sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec Hummingbird god.

Graham Hancock – Hour 1 – War God & Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire

What nobody has done yet is make the connection of Titus to Cortez. Both essentially were heroic in destroying bad blood thirtsy gods.  When Titus sacked Jerusalem in 70 A.D. he also stopped the daily ritual sacrifice in the infamous Second Temple. In case you haven’t deduced, ritual sacrifice of humans or animals to appease a god is evil and should be stopped. Millions of Christians are hopeful that the Jews restart their barbaric practices. The Romans considered the Jewish animal sacrifice rituals to be barbaric. Zionists everywhere are excited about rebuilding Solomon’s Temple and bringing back the ritual sacrifice of red heiffers.

The Primary Falsehoods of Christianity

It is hard to believe that so many people have been so duped by the Holy Bible. The beliefs of this group are incredible, I can understand the belief of the Jews (meaning those that practice Judaism) who believe they are chosen by God because that appeals to human ego. A supremacist being a supreme egoist surely believes he is better than everyone else and thus easily latches onto the idea of being the chosen one. If you are taught that from birth and in your group everyone agrees then it sticks easily.

Who doesn’t want to be special or chosen? Christians also want to be chosen and have an exclusivity meme, they are chosen to go to heaven because of their belief in Jesus. Me only sells. I am going to heaven and you are going to hell is a very popular meme with those in ego consciousness. It is like associating with the winning sports team but better, my team is better because we go to heaven and you lose, forever.  This is also an effective meme for the state, it can be used in warfare to motivate a population to kill the other group, who are not chosen.

Christians imagine that Jesus controls the world yet the world is a mess. As things get worse and worse Jesus comes back only to finish destroying. This is completely psychotic reasoning.  Why doesn’t Jesus fix our problems right now, why does he only come back after everything is destroyed?   Can you see that the external god meme is what drives the Apocalypse?

Jesus coming back to save us is a convoluted meme, since when he comes back he destroys everything. If Jesus is ‘god’ who already controls the world then why does god have to wait to fix the world? Why doesn’t god fix his creation now since he already controls everything?  But god waits, till everything is really bad, then he comes back and destroys what’s left. Sounds perfectly psychotic.

But if Jesus is state created fiction that is being used by the state to get people to stand down from state aggression then we have a good reason why Christians are taught the Jesus is coming back meme. With Jesus every knee bends for the state. With Jesus the state can build an empire unto itself. With Jesus the state can rob the people blind. As things get worse and worse from rampant statism and empire building hundreds of millions of Christians are looking to the heavens for the return of the Lord and the Jewish supremacist banker owned state laughs all the way to the vault with all the world’s gold.

Jesus never was and can’t make it back and its high time people wake from this trance and start defending themselves instead of waiting for a proxy savior. Jesus can not save you from your sins. Hell doesn’t exist and neither does judgement. There is absolutely no proof of either. Both religion and state tell monumental lies. It is the nature of the state to lie and since Christians live in the lie of authority the two are comfortable with one another.

When humans interact they can do so in honesty or deceive. All of us have done both at one time or another. The marketplace favors those that tell the truth because when someone is stiffed the word gets around and the liar becomes exposed and loses sales. But the state has little reason to be honest because its trades are by force, it issues edicts and backs them by force. For instance, say the state levies a road tax on fuel but then spends the money on boondoggle, the consumer finds out is outraged but unable to do anything about it, because they need fuel and have no alternative means of buying fuel outside of the tax.

In order to maintain the corrupt relationship the state employs the media and church to maintain the pack of lies that surround it. The media tells the lie over and over until the populace is worn down and doesn’t resist the lie, accepts the lie as truth. This goes on until the lie becomes so outrageous, like the wars based on 9112001, that a groundswell of opposition forms to oppose the official lies. The state now has to ramp up fear in order to maintain power, it can not admit that it took part in a false flag that killed the citizens it purports to protect, it gears up to use brute force and pound the population into submission. The state becomes tyrannical when it can no longer maintain the lies through the media, it attacks the population to root out the resistance.

The Real Purpose of Christianity

Christianity is a state religion says Joseph Atwill, he cites the conversion of Emperor Constantine as part of the process of building a theocratic state.

How can we be sure that Christians are worshiping authority? Consider the commonly used Christian phrase “Jesus is Lord”. If Jesus is a literary fiction like Kenneth Humpreys says then we can postulate that when Christians purport “the Lord” they are talking about a system of authority, Christian authority, and since Christianity is locked arm and arm into Judaism and Jesus upheld Jewish law then the Lord ruling over us is the Jewish legal system.

A legal system is an arm of the state, it is where the state forces the citizen to obey its laws. If you disobey the court then the state will try to apprehend or kill you. The one thing the state can not tolerate is disobedience. Where does the state find employees to enforce it laws? From those groups indoctrinated into obedience training like Mormons, Catholics and Baptists, etc. How many anarchists or free thinkers are cops. Zero. You can’t be a cop if you an anarchist because an anarchist doesn’t believe in authority. But a statist does, a Christian does, so this is why are there so many statists and so few anarchists. Religious indoctrination is widespread because it is promoted by the state with tax free status.

Cops kill people all the time, those that disobey. JB Campbell writes that any interaction with a cop could turn deadly in an instant and you must be ready at a drop of a hat to defend yourself from the armed state thug. Why are cops like this? Because they believe in authority, because they have been indoctrinated into authority memes and are trained to force you to obey. This is religious tyranny, many people want nothing to do with religious authority, the state, its wars and programs of theft or it’s militant agents. I know I don’t, I consider all cops to be armed and dangerous criminals and choose to be armed as protection from them.

There is a metaphysical side to religious indoctrination. I am going to suggest a new hypothesis that Christianity is more than an authority indoctrination program into the Jewish rule of law, it may also be a brain patterning used by an alien parasite used to get control of human minds. Indoctrination is the process of neural patterning on the brain circuit. Once the human brain is sufficiently ordered a spirit moves in, an alien spirit. Christians claim to be of the Holy Spirit, they are admitting to being possessed. Believing Christians might be humans possessed by alien entities or aligned with an alien mind. Thus the alien god thoughtform may be able to move ‘his people” around like chess pieces. From personal experience I believe many cops, judges, politicians and Christians are possessed by this evil spirit. I have learned there is nothing good behind a Christian smile, behind that smile is a human robot working against humanity who has forsaken their self for an alien entity.

The real purpose of Christianity is to bring hierarchical control to the world and establish supreme authority of the state over the individual.  All humans will be forced to bend their knee to this power structure.  Is it all human in construction for the benefit of the ruling class or are alien energies involved?  Everyone now agrees the end times ‘beast system’ is the New World Order which is the Rabbinic directed Jewish World Order, a world state where every knee bows to Jewish supremacism.  All agree that this end days world state will be the most thing ever experienced and Christians are onboard fully promoting the authority of the system that spawned it.